Sunday, April 4, 2010


Happy Easter/Ostara! :)
For the past 2 days my husband, son, and I stayed at a motel in order to attend a family reunion. I got to meet my 5 month old cousin for the first time and watch him and my son interact with each other. Babies are fun to watch when they are interacting with other babies! This was also the first time I saw my great-grandmother in a while, and so she got to see my son as well.

I also got to introduce my husband to the family, and he seemed to tolerate them pretty well. My family is pretty eccentric, so it's kind of interesting watching non-family interact with a whole gaggle of them! It cost quite a bit of money to travel there but I'm glad I went. Family is becoming an important concept to me and I am enjoying fostering the connections I have between extended family members. I also am in the initial stages of trying to piece together family history. It will be a long process trying to find out who my ancestors were and what kind of life they led, but I feel excited and grounded and refreshed after the "vacation."

Travel is a liberating experience, and visiting family is a grounding experience.

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