Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Kids :)

On Easter, I got a wonderful surprise gift... new baby goats! Not only that, but our mama goat, Frigga, (who we suspected was pregnant but didn't know for sure!) had triplets! :) She gave birth to a white male, a cream-colored male, and a black female. They all have cute little wattles and are part angora so they have curly hair.
I named them Spring (the cream colored one), Bata (a spin-off of the name Obatala, the white one), and Ostara (the black one.) Right now they are frolicking around, playing with each other and the other much older kids.

Frigga is a good mom, although she overdoes it. She keeps chasing Dawn around all over the barn. I don't know why she has it in for Dawn. She also has it in for the cats, who better not get within 10 feet of her babies! Frigga is quite an assertive soul, even for a goat! I have a lot of admiration for her because she even beats up on the huge bucks! But she is definitely a handful. She jumps over fences and nearly climbs the pines to reach their branches. If you try to get her to go somewhere, she'll try to go anywhere else. If you hear colorful language coming from the barn, it's usually directed at her.

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    oh such wonderful Easter gifts - "the kids"......


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