Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring Fever

My little son is sick. :( I guess it was inevitable that he would get sick at least once before his first birthday, but I'm still sad about it. He has a fever of 102.1 and congestion and crabbiness. He had a fever yesterday too that was more intense in the morning and then went away as the day wore on, and now it's back to full intensity this morning. I'll take him to the doctor if he has the same fever tomorrow.

Until then, I'm just giving him cold wash clothes to suck on, dosing him with baby motrin when he's too miserable to sleep, and putting him in the swing to soothe him.

I'm not feeling quite up to par either. I was pretty sick on Sunday but better now, although I still have a runny nose and the occasional sinus problem. So please don't hate me if i get nothing done this week!


  1. Hi

    Hope your baby boy is better real soon. You are doing all the right things :-) and you take care of you too.

    Love Gail