Sunday, January 30, 2011

Baby! :)

Well, after long months of waiting, my daughter is finally here! She made her arrival on the 28 of January, 2 days before her due date.

This is what happened:

I was having contractions sporadically all day on the 27th, and really, really wanted this baby OUT (i was 39 weeks 4 days) so i walked, masturbated, did nipple stimulation, and then had sex with my husband. :) it worked (lol) and I started having intense contractions after the sex that were 2 minutes apart so we went to the hospital. :)

Since I had Group B Strep, they tried to get me hooked up to an IV for antibiotics. However, I have really small veins and they had to stick a needle in 4 different places before they were finally able to get an IV going. During this time I started active labor, so I was VERY uncomfortable to say the least! I was in heaven when they finally let me get out of the bed and walk around.

I wanted to have a natural birth, and the nurse was a wonderful labor coach. The contractions I felt were unlike those with my first child (which were extremely painful and unproductive), I was actually doing really well... but i was SO TIRED and felt sick. The nurses gave me a peppermint strip to put on my clothes and that helped a lot with the nausea, although I was still shaking and barely holding up. AND cervix checks hurt more than anything... I actually took a swing at my doctor (oops) when she was checking me (snicker)... then the contractions got nasty and unproductive :( I was stuck at 7 cm, so I got an epidural and GETTING it was hell... BUT when it took, it was heaven and I could finally sleep, although I was still shaking.

I woke up and they told me I was complete but they let me labor down for a long time because I didn't want to have a 3rd degree tear like with my first, and I wanted my epidural to wear off enough that I could feel when to push. It went so well... I pushed my lovely little girl out in 15 minutes (but still ended up with a 2nd degree tear, grrr). I could feel pressure but not pain :) They got a mirror and let me see my baby crowning... it was such a positive experience. And the moment I pushed her out they gave me my little baby girl and she was just so precious, I held her for a long time and even breastfed her before they finally took her away to get her APGAR scores. she weighed 6 lbs 14 oz and 20 inches long. She has a full head of dark hair :) and she is so cuddly!

She is so tiny and beautiful and soft... I love her sooo much :) and the recovery isn't horrible. I don't feel like I've been hit by a mack truck like with my son, although I'm so so sore.

I'll post pictures soon :)