Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Rammed by a goat

Well today I had to go do chores in a blizzard. :P Blowing wind, single-digit weather, and snow drifts that were waist high in places. I have to haul buckets of water for the animals down from a steep hill (conveniently, our wellhouse is on TOP of the hill).
Now our dominant buck always keeps one eye on me, waiting for the opportunity to catch me off guard and ram me into the dirt. Today he found his opportunity, and rammed his big ol' horns into the back of my thigh while I was trying to knock the ice out of their water bucket in the barn. Let's just say, that if he would have hit my knee, I would be in the ER with broken bones. Luckily, I was dressed so heavily in winter gear, and he hit me high enough, that I walked away with my leg very bruised but intact.
If you're wondering what happened to this buck, I hit him upside the head with a hammer when he tried to do it again. Unfortunately, it didn't knock any sense into him and I'll probably have to do it again tomorrow. :( NOT looking forward to it!!!
Stupid goats.


  1. No goat problems or blowing snow here! That said, our low this morning was 10 degrees -- sort of Wisconsin weather, if you ask me.

    Maybe you could try bribing him next time. Bring a tasty treat with you and throw it to the side so that you can get your work done in peace while he's munching away.

  2. Hi-

    wild day for you. not so crazy about the hammer thing - but then again I don't know how to keep a buck from bucking. one would hope there could/would be a better way. I like the idea of a treat to keep him busy while you do your chores. stay warm and out of harms way.

    love gail

  3. yep, i'm not crazy about it either, i had to hit a bull in the nose with a shovel once to keep it from charging me. i'd rather just live and let live but those guys are capable of killing me. my husband can grab bucks by the horns and take them to the ground but not me unfortunately.

    hopefully the treat will work- a buck in rut is not deterred by food or anything though. but i will definitely give it a try!