Tuesday, December 29, 2009

RIP Eclipse

This fall my yearling buck Eclipse became paralyzed. We were really worried about him and thought he was going to die, but he pulled through. Since then we have been trying to do therapy with him- we made him a sling out of old shirts and some twine string, and we've been stretching him and working with him. This past 2 weeks he really improved and we had high hopes of him being able to stand on his own and walk again. Then, these last 2 or 3 days, he took a step backward and was acting very tired, but still eating and drinking. This morning I found him dead as I was doing morning chores. I have no idea why he died, as he was out of his sling for the night and didn't get caught in anything. He didn't otherwise act sick, and he was for the most part out of the cold. However, it's possible he just got too cold because the weather has been particularly cold (in the single digits) the past couple of days.

I really wish it wasn't him that died. I raised him from a bottle baby... he would follow me around everywhere and he acted more like a person than a goat. I taught him how to eat grass and not to be scared of the dog (a lesson he never really learned too well). Before I had my human baby he was "my baby." When he was a couple months old I brought him to a preschool and let the kids bottle feed him. He just loved people. Even when he went into rut, I could still trust him, as he had the most gentle disposition of any buck I've ever met, especially when it came to humans. He never tried to be rough with me, the only time I had to worry was when I had treats in my hands because of course he would maul me for the treats! He was just as sweet as any doe (and often sweeter!). I'm so sad he had to go through this and that he had to die, but I guess I can't be too sad because at least I got to see him grow up and we'll probably keep both of his buckling kids from this past year. He probably also bred some does before he got paralyzed so hopefully he'll pass on his sweet disposition to more of our goats.

Rest in peace, Eclipse.


  1. Hi-
    Oh my, I am so sorry to read of your goats death - I was hopeful as I was reading and so admired all you did to help him be better. And I like that he has off-spring to carry on his sweet nature. Be well and know you did everything you could.
    Love Gail

  2. Whether it's a person, dog, cat, iguana, goldfish or goat doesn't matter. Beings imprint themselves on us. They form bonds with and through us. And when they are gone, it tugs on the heart. I've lost many an animal friend through the years and it is never easy. My heart goes out to you.

  3. I'm sorry. He sounds like a funny little companion. And your blog is wonderful. I am your newest follower.

  4. Are you okay? You've sort of dropped from the blogosphere.