Thursday, August 27, 2009

Smile :)

T is now smiling occasionally. :) I don't know if it's accidental or not, but every once in a while he'll just look at me and smile for no reason. :D I'm in heaven! This is not a sleepy smile, and not a gassy smile... I'm not sure if it's voluntary or not but right now I don't care because my baby boy can smile at me...


  1. Hi-

    oh it is a real smile - he knows you, loves you, adores you - he smiles at YOU :-) enjoy.

    Love Gail

  2. He's probably smiling at you because you're smiling at him -- sharing the positive vibes.

  3. 22 and a new Mom. Too cool! Love babies! When I was a kid my family was a foster family for babies awaiting adoption. It was great preparation for me later having four kids of my own and having four grandchildren as well.