Monday, August 24, 2009

My Computer Died

Rest in Peace, old computer. :( You served me well for the past 4 years, which, I know, is a long full life for a laptop. You had your struggles, as did I. Through viruses, crashes, dying batteries, and being accidentally dropped on your head, you survived. You were there for me when I needed to send angsty emails as a teenager. You were there when I couldn't talk to my boyfriend except through yahoo messenger. You were there for me when I felt like browsing stupid videos on youtube. You did not complain when i put thousands of cds on your hard drive, then only played the same 3 songs over and over again. You put up with my dragging you along on long car drives and odd vacations, and was forever patient when it became obvious I don't know a thing about maintaining and fixing computers. We've had our differences, and I apologize for the incessant stream of profanity projected at your person, the occasional violent outburst that left you a little worse for wear, and my frustrated demands that you run at peak performance even though I forgot to clean you up. I also apologize for the kids, who kept spilling their Fing drinks all over you, typing with sticky fingers, and pounding on the keyboard hard enough to break some of your keys.
Sadly, I watched you deteriorate from a perfectly functional machine to a frustrating mass of metal that I couldn't fix, and I knew the end was near. Thanks for the warning, otherwise I would have never gotten everything backed up and I would have lost everything when your hard drive failed. I would have been so pissed at you. As it is, I will remember you fondly, and forever treasure (about half of) the memories we both shared. (The other half I'll probably laugh at, however frustrating they might have been at the time.)
So thank you for serving me well, old computer. Rest in peace.