Friday, July 10, 2009

My Dirty Diaper Bag

Well today is a really, really hot day so I am spending it inside. Or, at least, what I can of it inside. I made a bag today from an old sheet. I didn't know what I was doing at all, but it honestly wasn't that hard. All I did was cut an old sheet in half, cut off a corner, fold it in half, sew up the side, sew a seam along the top, and put a string through the seam to make a drawstring. voila! I will hopefully take pictures next time and post them on here, although I'm using a borrowed computer so unfortunately there can be no pictures at the moment. :( *sniff*

This bag will be used by me to keep dirty cloth diapers in. I bought a trash can with a flip-up lid to store my dirty cloth diapers, and I just made this bag to line the trash can. I'll make another one, so that I can wash one with the diapers and in the meantime use the other. I have no idea what other people are doing to store their used cloth diapers in, because I have yet to see a "diaper pail" that is actually made for cloth diapers. At any rate, the trash can only cost like $8 and I got the old sheet from my parents. (Which makes 2 free dirty diaper bags! YAY!) The end result looks very rough, but who really cares, since it's only going to line my diaper can anyway??

As a kid I remember having similar bags to store laundry in. The bags would line the "hamper." (Ha, silly word, hamper) Maybe, as the (soon to be) kid grows, I will also make some laundry bags using this method. For right now, it's just me and Chris, so a regular ol' laundry basket is all we need.


  1. Haha- hamper. That reminds me of one of our easter-egg hunts with the little rhymes mom made up: "Don't let your spirit's damper, you'll find a treat inside the ______." :D

  2. I HAVE to see a picture of this diaper bag!