Thursday, July 9, 2009

The First Experiment- This Blog

This blog is going to be about experiments- mainly, experiments that I undergo because I am just a curious sort of person. :) If you ever wondered what it would be like to go without shampoo for a month, or eat a diet consisting of nothing but ice cream, or let your dog loose in a bouncy-house full of kittens (hehe, hilarious), then you've come to the right place.

Most people experiment in their daily lives without giving it a second thought. Well, not only am I going to think about my own experiments, but I'm going to write about them, most likely in journal form, and record my results for posterity. (More specifically, for the amusement of said posterity.) Depending on the nature of my experiments, they will either be conducted in a semi-scientific way, or just cobbled together to see if anything interesting happens. Obviously I'll take some more seriously than others.

As of now, no one is reading this blog, and that's OK because I haven't actually written anything of interest yet. However, when/if people DO start reading it, I'm inviting you to propose experiments to me- stuff you've always wondered about, but not enough to try yourself. Of course, I reserve the right to refuse any proposed experiment. (Especially the illegal ones or the ones with an over $100 budget.) I'll only screw with my life to a certain extent. :P

Oh, and that's another thing. Despite the scientific (har har har) nature of this blog, I'll probably throw in a couple cuss words here and there, and the subject matter might be entirely TMI. You read at your own risk.

For the Future: I'll probably start with the shampoo experiment, because I've always wondered. :) And no, before you ask, I'm not going to let my dog loose in a bouncy house full of kittens, as fun as that may be to watch.

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  1. Iktomi,

    Let me be the first to comment -- for posterity's sake. :)

    Each and every human life is an experiment. Most of the time, none of us have any idea what we're doing. It doesn't matter how old or young a person my be (I'm 51). We each simply make things up as we go along and hope for the best.

    I like your attitude, so I'll sign on as a follower. I'm expecting big and exciting things in the coming weeks and months.