Wednesday, February 17, 2010


My son is crawling, and therefore getting into everything and anything he can reach and even some things that I never knew he could get to! He is getting to be very fast at it, too. I set him down and in 2 minutes he's in another room trying to chew on computer cords. Augh, computer cords are the worst, because you can't really do much to prevent a baby from getting at them, except just watch the baby very carefully.

I'm also starting to sleep train him. That is a difficult beyond hard task, and it's not always going so well. Last night, for example, I got around 4 hours of sleep total, and that's a pretty average night's sleep.

Tonight I'm going to the Twin Cities to their Fringe Lottery to see if my sister and my company (SHARDS) will get to perform our play at the Minnesota Fringe this summer. I'm crossing my fingers! It will also be a good place to get to know people, make connections, etc... something that really, really needs to be done as I don't even live in the Cities and my sister is new to the area.

Overall, I've been busy but when am I not?

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