Monday, October 19, 2009

Poll: Which Would You Rather See?

Which play would you rather see and why?

Option 1: The Journey of Happy Child
A doll named Happy Child travels through the lives of several delusional characters. Found by an old woman, she becomes the child the woman never had. Discovered by struggling anthropology students, she gives them absurd clues to the origins of man. Given at last to a child, she becomes the nebulous of the child's paranoid delusions. An insane world, amusing dialog, and the occasional dark twist reveal the adventures and fate of a strange doll and her quirky compatriots.

Option 2: The Revenge of Rumplepunchkin
A foolish mistake leaves the once beauteous Rumplepunchkin hideous, deformed, and burning for revenge. To bring about his sinister plan he needs the unwitting help of a greedy king, his romantic son, and the oblivious daughter of an ambitious miller. Performed in the Commedia Dell'Arte style and filled to the brim with clever wit, silly antics, and amusingly sinful characters, this story is one hilarious and engaging comedy.


  1. Hi sweetie-'

    I got to go with the Journey of the happy child, Got to. :-)

    Love Gail

  2. Neither. While I love to read plays, I don't much care to watch them. Weird, isn't it?

  3. hehe, well which would you rather read? ;) do you go to the movie theater? or concerts? are the crowds the reason why you don't go?

  4. I don't know.:P I might start each of them to see if either spoke to me. I've read several plays by Edward Albee and Tennessee Williams plus many others. I usually know by the first 10 pages or so if I will finish it. It depends on how well I can create the characters in me noggin.

    I live in a small rural (backwards) county. There are no movie theaters within 40 miles or so. No concerts either, except for country music (yuk) at the annual County Fair.

    Besides, as you mentioned, I don't do crowds, so I probably wouldn't go anyway. :D I can always watch the video in the privacy of my own home.