Friday, October 30, 2009

A Challenge

I've decided to challenge myself, and work on getting the house organized (yet again!) for several reasons, the most prominent being if my house is organized, my natural tendency to clutter becomes less of an unholy disaster and more of a moderately disheveled but otherwise functioning atmosphere. The challenge lies not in the actual organization of the house, because I've already organized the house on 2 occasions- the first was when I was "nesting" and the second for my wedding. However the challenge lies in organizing the house such that I can be relaxed and myself (i.e. chaotic) within the system. Usually when I organize the house, the organization falls apart within a week or two because I'm just not capable of maintaining any sort of order and routine in my daily life (on a grand scale. I do just fine with specific things, for example diapers, that need to be in a certain place otherwise I can't find them.) So, that is my challenge. I'll succeed in my challenge when it's been 2 weeks post-organization and things are still where they "should" be.
But since this is a relatively boring post, I'm also throwing in some cute baby pictures. :) enjoy!


  1. Hi-and the baby pictures are absolutely adorable. :-) He is gorgeous, Wow.

    And perhaps it is time to redefine the word organized to "fit" more comfortably with who you are. Just a thought

    Love Gail

  2. Not a boring post at all. You're simply talking about a little Feng Shui.