Friday, September 11, 2009

Wild Animals

So our goat bucks are in rut and the whole farm stinks. LOL. Bucks are always slightly unpredictable so I need to keep half an eye on them when they're around, but when they are in rut they get a little more dangerous, albeit more predictable. A buck is only thinking about two things when he's in rut: sex, and competition. My husband found that out firsthand when he tried to separate out a few does for breeding. Well the buck didn't like Chris messing with his girls, so he charged him. Thankfully, Chris knows how to deal with bucks and used his horns to wrestle him to the ground (a dominance feat, to "show him who's boss.") I've had to do that with a different buck last year (before that buck died) but as you can imagine he outweighed me and I had a harder time doing it. Now half the time I have a baby with me, so I wouldn't really be able to handle a charging buck and keep the baby safe, so I steer clear of the bucks this time of year.
Last year, Chris unexpectedly came across a deer buck out in our pasture right behind the barn. That buck nearly charged him too, (being all wound up) but thankfully he didn't. Chris backed off and that was that.

Which brings me to my public service announcement: don't be stupid around animals. There are a lot of deer around and, despite their image of being gentle, frightened creatures, adult bucks are dangerous this time of year. Most likely they won't charge you, but you never really know. So if a male deer is standing his ground when you walk near him, don't try to go up and see how close you can get. :P It's not a good idea.

Speaking of wild creatures, I've become sort of panicked now that the date for our wedding celebration and dedication ceremony is drawing near. I still don't have tables and chairs, food, a guest list (aaah RSVP people!!), an organized idea of how it's going to go, and I haven't cleaned the house yet. Great. Not to mention they didn't have our rings in stock so we don't even know if we'll have rings by our wedding day! AAAAHHH! And I can't get much done with a 6 week old fussy baby...
Cross your fingers. September seems to be a wild ride so far.


  1. Hi there-

    fascinating share about the buck and the does and how to wrestle one to the ground. I never approach wild animals - simply because they are wild.
    And your wedding dedication festivities are very close. Ummmmmmm, folks can stand and music is always easy to access add a few candles a big pot of stew and some home made bread, a few bottles of wine and its a party!! (farm-style)!!

    Love ail

  2. lol yep i just need tables and chairs for the old people and the food afterward... we're going to butcher a couple goats and have shishkabobs over an open fire... if it's nice out. rain would ruin most of our plans :(

  3. Deer can be dangerous anytime of year.

    About 3 decades ago, I worked as a firefighter for the US Forest Service. One day I was out beyond the fire line looking to see if any flying embers might be causing problems in locales nearby. I thought I saw what might be some smoke on the other side of a thicket.

    As the thicket was very wide, I decided to go through it rather than around it. As I clawed my way through, I was getting ready to grab a large branch to push it out of my way when the "branch" moved by itself. Turns out it was the rack of a large buck!

    Before I knew it, we were almost eye to eye. Fortunately, it was as scared of me as I was of it. We both let out unintelligible sounds and thrashed about in opposite directions. I was very fortunate not to have sustained a serious injury.

    It taught me a valuable lesson, though. The next time I came to a large thicket, I went around it rather than through it!!!!

    The other thing about your post has me a bit confused. You refer to your husband Chris and yet you are planning for a wedding. Are you divorcing Chris to marry someone else?

  4. nope, chris and i got married in january in a courthouse, but we are having our celebration at the end of this month.

    and lol at your story. :) sounds like it surprised both of you!