Saturday, September 26, 2009


So Chris and I got married yesterday. :) The day definitely did not go as planned but it was fun and special nevertheless. Chris even got choked up reading our vows which is very rare for him. I wrote the vows myself. Mine was,
“I, Crysta, take you Chris, to be my husband, to love you faithfully, honorably, and passionately, and to give you my trust and respect. I promise to be honest and forthright, to stay beside you when life is joyful and when it is difficult, to listen as well as speak, to give as well as receive, and to be your friend, lover, and partner throughout the rest of our lives.
(Chris' was the same, only with the obvious name and role changes)
The ceremony/feast took place in our house, because it was raining too hard to be done outside, but that was fine because we just had close friends and family over. Overall it was a cozy, comfortable, relaxed feeling. This photo is of me and my husband toasting each other's health with Chris' parents and one of his kids in the background. (the weird white thing is a grape vine decoration in the foreground.)
My sister wrote a really nice blessing for us, which was read at the ceremony. It went...

to me:

may the ship that leaves the harbor find glorious treasure.

may the wind that whispers guide her to quiet waters of love.

may the waves that give life bring her treasures from the deep.

may the wood of her keel keep her sailing strong.

and may her destination be sure, true, and blessed.

to Chris:

may the warrior always find his sword and shield ready,

yet not be hasty to wield them.

may his footfalls be light throughout his journeys

and never take him too far from his doorstep.

may his name be placed in many tales

and his image in the stars.

and may the fire in his hearth always welcome him home.

to the couple:

may the river of love never stop flowing between the two lands.

may the fields always grow beautiful and full.

may the ships that sail from your harbors always return with glory.

and may, in all your days, you find freedom and faith within each other.

your days

your ways

your wealth

and your health

now depend on each other.

many blessings upon you and yours!


  1. HI_

    Oh the "blessing" is SO beautiful. And your photos and what interesting attire!@! You looked stunning. CONGRATULATIONS and I wish you and your husband all good things in your life - and always love.

    peace and happiness

  2. thanks gail :) yes my sister is quite poetic, she also did the costumes so she's been quite busy!!

  3. Gee, I always like weddings. They are so full of promise and potential.

    When my wife Della & I got married, we wrote our own vows too and I even wrote the prayers and salutations. In place of the wedding march, my best buddy played, "You're My Best Friend" by Queen and "Make Love Stay" by Dan Fogelberg. Interestingly enough, the themes from both songs are still strong with us nearly 25 years later.