Thursday, May 27, 2010

Performing at the Renfest!

Sorry I have been away from this blog. As my little guy gets more mobile I'm finding it harder to find a spare 20 minutes to sit here and write. Also, I've been practicing for the SHARDS performance at the Iowa Renaissance Festival over Memorial Day. :) (SHARDS is the name of our theater troupe). So we will be performing this Saturday, Sunday, and Monday!!! I'm nervous but excited. I leave tomorrow, which means I'll be away from my little boy for 4 whole days. :( I'm a little sad about it, but I know I'll also relish the vacation and I'll probably be too occupied to worry.

Since I've been dragging him to Rochester, MN for practices nearly every weekend, his daddy hasn't seen much of him the past couple of weeks, but now they will get a chance to bond. :) I'm so lucky that Chris is a wonderful father, and that my son is such a pleasant baby (most of the time!)

At any rate, wish me luck!

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